1-Hour, 1-on-1 Online Refresher Session


I hear from women who feel they were once in a healthier, more intentionally-focused place in life – and they’re tired of being stuck there. Recurring comments like:

  • I eat pretty clean but then I cheat and forget how to get back on track.
  • I’m losing muscle mass as I get older and that’s not good! I know I need to exercise, keep moving more – I’ve been there before and loved how that felt but how can I get motivated again?
  • I want to LIVE life with adventure, and not from a place of fear
  • I need a refresher for move away from problematic thoughts to things things that will support me
  • I want to permit myself to do those things that bring me life and joy

If this is your ‘story’,  and you are ready to choose a change worth working for, let’s meet online for a refresher session to boost you back on track. If you have questions if we will be a good fit for where you are now, contact me  or email me,  ketoews@gmail.com.

– $99.00 Cdn (E-transfer or Paypal -Cdn)

  • Refresh
  • Renew
  • Restore

Kind comments:   Karen is very knowledgeable and walks the walk.  She is excited about others’ goals, sometimes she is the glue when you/me forget we have a goal. She is so willing to share her knowledge and really makes you understand why you do what you do and how your thinking can change by choice. She is an excellent caring coach and I enjoyed working with her.

Debra Bradshaw 2017

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