The kindness theme has been following me around for a few days.

Finally, after a cheery little girl (about 4 or 5 years old) heaved open a heavy glass door for me to enter a store, I knew I needed to write about this gift of kindness!

The very word kindness evokes a sense of warmth and goodness – just give yourself a hug to reinforce how wonderful kindness can make you feel! Please stay with me ’til the end of the post – for spreading kindness full circle back to YOU – with my Downloadable Freebie 

Let’s Just Be a Little Kinder in the Ways We Can

Katrina Kenison, author of several books (referral link), has written through her seasons of re-scripting life and shared this in her Kindness blog .

“….we cannot make pain and suffering disappear. We can’t control the hurtful actions of others or silence the voices that threaten, humiliate, insult, or shame. We cannot solve the opioid crisis, keep the desperate family together at the border, slow the arctic melt, or prevent the disturbed teenager from killing his classmates. We can bring more kindness into the world…”


What Can you Give From Your Hand or Your Pocket?

I just love Ann Voskamp’s writing style, here are some of her wise, kind words from The Broken Way,(referral link):

“… If your hand was willing, you could pull out [of your pocket] a small miracle, a small gift – a note that made a soul stronger, a cup of something warm to soothe someone’s knotted places, a hand to help someone up, open arms just to embrace the overwhelmed and whisper grace“.

Voskamp (a sage, in my view) skillfully expands this giving kindness thought: including a research reference, how kindness, “having a helping behaviour seemed to buffer the negative effects of stress.” Isn’t that great how that works? A kindness partnership: stretching from our heart, or our pocket – or pushing hard to open a door.


(credits to Bella Vita)

Use YOUR Kindness Voice

What does your kindness, love language look like?

  • preparing a meal for the family of someone who’s mid-stream in cancer treatments
  • watering the vacationing neighbour’s flowers that look ready to crawl to the tap
  • phoning – or driving – to talk to a friend or family member you’ve lost touch with
  • sharing cards and notes with inspirational messages….

It’s great when we feel we’ve discerned a meaningful way to show kindness, but here too, doing life is not about being perfect, that you have to get it right or not at all. Give from the gift of who you are.

If you’re interested in discovering your love language (and for others in the household too!) check out Gary Chapman’s helpful book (referral link).

Full Circle Back to You

What are the ways you show yourself kindness? Have you hugged yourself yet today? Do it now!

The message about the value of caring for ourself physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually is everywhere.

I also know that too often energy or spirit is lagging and I’m not anxious to offer my husband a back rub, or talk on the phone with a friend who’s had a rough day, or give myself slack for having too much sunlight in the room while shooting my LIVE video!

I believe the starting point is: what are we thinking, as our thoughts direct our days. To help you establish a practice for a mindset and ‘kindness lifestyle’ that you can grow with, I am excited to gift you with my free Renewing your Mindset for Vibrant Living

If this Kindness message has inspired you, or if you have a kindness story (given or received) to share, I’d love to hear from you!

Love and gratitude,


P.S. As always, if you want to talk about rejuvenating your life with healthy food, getting more active, moving towards purposeful living at any age, I’m available at or here.

(Affiliate Disclosure: I am a participate in affiliate marketing, including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Whenever you buy something on Amazon from a link you click on my blog, I get a (very) small percentage of that sale.)

4 Comments on “Kindness

  1. Hi Karen, as previously mentioned, you are not permitted to share amazon referral links in email (unless you are part of the influencer program in which case you can simply share a link to your influencer page). It is against their terms and conditions and you can lose your affiliate status.

    Beautiful post full of amazing resources so your goal needs to be to drive people over to your site where they will see the referral links.

    Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui, C.H.N.C Writer & Joyful Living Educator Get your free 30 days to CALM mini-course at

    *You’re imperfect-Life is messy-Show up anyway*



  2. I find that when I have a loving view of myself and God toward me and others that I’m kinder. When I feel judged or unworthy I am angry or snappy. I think this ties into your mindset conversations and growth. Thanks for your offerings.


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