doTERRA essential oils


Welcome to my brief introduction to essential oils and why they are my favourite go-to for alternative health-care solutions.

Eating real food, getting enough sleep, faithfully exercising, building a positive mindset:  the complete package for non-stop wellness, right?!

Apparently not! We still have sickness and pain: injuries, a ‘runny’ nose and scratchy throat, sore head or achy gut, warts and much more –it’s being human in a real world.

I am so thankful for the Canadian health care system where I live: with its skilled medical professionals, medicines, treatments, hospital facilities that much of the world’s population can only dream of. However, my holistic health DNA clearly alerts me, “don’t forget the alternative natural health solutions ” – of which there are many, and essential oils are my favourite. Lavender for a restful sleep, peppermint to ease head tension, wild orange to boost spirits and energy; the goodness goes on and on.

Compounds in these ‘gifts from the earth’ have been bestowing healing properties since Eden – well I can’t verify that, but herbs and other plants have been supporting our health for millennia. If researching and making natural flu and cold protocols interests you, do check out my daughter, Renee Tougas‘s  Herb and Essential Oil resource.

I have found essential oils to be effective for myself and my family, and love to share about them – with education and resources  i.e. videos, links, FB posts, and posts on this site. The brand of oils I use is doTERRA. I don’t stock them to sell; I order them directly online.

If you have any questions, or wondering how you can sample or purchase these oils, please email:



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