Emotional Eating Course

emotional eatinc

Yes, healthy food choices and eating habits are essential for living an energized life.

However, there’s more than the “right diet” for a life of renewed confidence and purpose.  Identifying limiting thoughts and emotions, and discovering tools to switch to behaviours that support your vision for how you want to feel and be.

The following topics are included in this course.

Food Diary as Compared to Food Log – Not denial or restriction, or an inner perfectionist ‘calling the shots’.

Healing Health – including mental, emotional, spiritual health for lasting “food freedom.”

Stress and Anxiety: the stress-thoughts-emotions-behaviour cycle.

Boundaries, Co-Dependence and Food. Discussing self-care, self-sacrificing, people-pleasing.

What is the Story – that is keeping you stuck.

Staying ‘Present’  – showing up one day at a time for the long term.

Five -Module Emotional Eating Course: $425.00CDN

Are you tired of being stuck, ready for guidance for  “food freedom”?  Just send me an email at ketoews@gmail.com.  I would love to hear your heart and your questions. We can set up a time to chat, and you can decide if you’d like to work together.

Kind Words: Karen is an invaluable coach in dealing with issues of emotional eating.  She helped me to look inward through a variety of exercises to discover what my emotional triggers were in regards to unhealthy food choices.   Karen is a great listener, asks the right questions, empathizes and makes you feel understood.  She leads you on a journey to see the positive in yourself, set boundaries and to deal with those nagging thoughts that trip you up.  I highly recommend Karen to help you start a healthier journey in life.        Heather Drysdale, 2016

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