This is Karen


I’m Karen Toews, a woman excited to share how at every age we can work for and achieve changes that will support our desires for a full, purposeful life.

My favourite people are my support team: an enduring, endearing husband with unique, crazy ways to help me lighten up; my two wonderful children from whom I receive more than I’ve given; and six grandkids who continue to shower my heart with love and joy as they grow towards adulthood.

Nature, physical activity (i.e. hiking, kayaking, cycling, snow-shoeing), adventuresome travel – all of these are my happy places. These feed my well, as does the personal foundation of a guiding faith and assurance as one of God’s beloved.

I’m grateful for opportunities and blessings I’ve experienced on the spectrum of life – though as life is for all of us,  mine has not been without its challenges:

  • suffering migraine headaches over several decades, a loss of weeks of precious stollen time
  • family change and growth: the biggest one moving with my husband across Canada to start a new life
  • the ebb and flow of yearnings of the soul that continue to stretch and re-shape me.

In my fifties, as a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant – I launched on the holistic health path for myself and to support others in their health journey.

As a woman in my sixties, I continue to embrace learning and the challenges in re-scripting this stage of life. I am not alone in the discovery of who am I now?” It is my joy and desire to inspire other women in their seasons of change to move ahead with confidence and courage and purpose.

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