Karen is an invaluable coach in dealing with issues of emotional eating.  She helped me to look inward through a variety of exercises to discover what my emotional triggers were in regards to unhealthy food choices.   Karen is a great listener, asks the right questions, empathizes and makes you feel understood.  She leads you on a journey to see the positive in yourself, set boundaries and to deal with those nagging thoughts that trip you up.  I highly recommend Karen to help you start a healthier journey in life.

Heather Drysdale, 2016

I don’t easily trust people but when I hired Karen to support me in a challenging season of my life, I felt safe and heard. She offered practical nutrition advice as I prepared for surgery but more importantly, she listened well – with empathy and generosity – and without judgment. This is what I was desperate for, above all. A safe space to tell the truth as I began my healing journey. Years later, I continue to look to Karen as a role-model of living with intention and loving ourselves well at every age and stage of our journey. She has been a gift in my life.

Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui,  Writer & Joyful living Educator at alifeinprogress.ca

If you’ve been considering a make-over of the best kind, if your eating is problematic, automatic or symptomatic, if you’re tired of being tired or just need a kick in the pants, let me introduce you to my vibrant friend and coach, Karen Toews! This gentle yet fiery woman has guided me these past 5 weeks into sustainable and exciting new habits. Not only has she been a resource but she has been a support and cheerleader as I struggled to get my legs under me and get moving (both figuratively and literally). Maybe this is just the kind of help you’ve been looking for.
Nicole Mitchell, 2017

I connected with Karen at a point in my life when I was feeling unhealthy both physically and mentally. She coached me in both aspects, giving me extra tools to deal with both. I had been eating healthy but needed the extra boost that she gave me to continue and to add to what I already knew. Karen was always very helpful with any questions that I had and is a very kind and caring person. I would wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone!

Edith Norman, 2018

I took advantage of the discovery call with Karen in the spring of 2017. It was a time in my life where I was not feeling well physically and had a lot of things going on emotionally with a lot of changes happening in my life. I really appreciated Karen’s gentle, caring and knowledgable approach. Our call helped me to process out loud, with her direction, and realize that I can once again get ‘control’ of my life. Even small changes and little steps can make a difference. And it’s not all about what I eat but also about my thoughts and emotions that go along with what I’m eating…and ‘why’ I’m eating. I made some changes in my life and found that I really did feel better physically and emotionally. Karen’s guidance was part of that process for me. I would certainly recommend others to take advantage of this discovery call with Karen.

Sherry McInnes, 2017

Karen is very knowledgeable and walks the walk.  She is excited about others goals, sometimes she is the glue when you/me forget we have a goal. She is so willing to share her knowledge and really makes you understand why you do what you do and how your thinking can change by choice. She is an excellent caring coach and I enjoyed working with her.

Debra Bradshaw, 2017

Karen’s title, “Vibrant Inspired Living Coach” pretty well summarizes my experience for the four modules of sessions I recently signed up for. Karen kept me accountable with regular Skype calls, challenging me with new ways of looking at food and exercise. Instead of stressing over my lack of will power, I was encouraged to say YES, I will, because I want to be fit and healthy in my retirement years (soon to be upon me!) so I can travel. Even though the coaching sessions are over, I am still regular about my commitment to exercise 2x/week and trying new healthy recipes and planning ahead for snacks and food choices. Another change is to eat earlier, so I don’t overeat prior to dinner. Karen was great for finding out information from her many connections and passing along recipes and exercise plans, that are practical and interesting. I would highly recommend Karen’s expertise to anyone looking for a change in lifestyle. She is easy to talk to and down to earth.

Elaine Young,  2018

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