Tips for Re-Scripting summer with its changes in stages of life


I adore – love – wholeheartedly embrace summer! The extended daylight, more time dedicated to family, fresh(er) food, focus on activity: it is all SO energizing.

And just as life has different stages, our summer seasons vary from one to another.

My summers as a Mom with two kids at home were typically: a two-week vacation, often camping; tending flower beds and vegetable gardens; planning and hosting family celebrations; squeezing flexibility into work schedules of both my husband and myself.

In the years following, our two kids had summer weddings and eventually the family expanded with an accumulative total of six fantastic grandkids! After our move to Nova Scotia in 2007, summers had a different vibe with sharing fun and sun and sand with family; my husband and I exploring our new province every opportunity we had.


As our family members have grown older, our summer story has changed based on hosting visitors; excursions kayaking with friends in Kejimkujik National Park , cycling in Quebec , back-pack hiking. Less garden planting and tending: always berry picking.


This summer of 2018 is significantly raising the bar for a different story.

My husband is on a cross-the-country (Canada) motorbike trip. His dream for taking this epic journey is happening while I write.

To travel the distance, with flexibility to ‘go with the flow’, he is away for five weeks, six weeks, or maybe two months. He’s calling it a “trip to revisit his past” as he catches up with family and friends and places in Quebec; Ontario; Minnesota, USA; the Canadian prairies; British Columbia;  and locations in between. An ambitious and adventure-packed journey.


June 1st launching from home for trip-of-a-lifetime!

I couldn’t be happier for him. His updates and photos reflect the realization of his wishes.

Of course I miss him – we miss each other – but this isn’t the first time we’ve been apart for this length of time. You can read the story in my Journey of the Heart – the beginning of my re-scripting for this stage of life and one that continues to be re-written.

This trip was planned a few months in advance; my husband ordered specific protective gear and serviced his bike (high priority for both him and me!); stocked up on maps and planned a basic route; communicated with people he wanted to see.

Changes in life often happen without warning; we re-script as it plays out. This time I had a heads up, so I prepared for what I would do while he was away, based on outdoor activities l enjoy, and a mindset to include challenge and celebration into my summer!

Making intentional plans was important for me. If your summer view looks like there are some changes – or you want to make some changes, I encourage you to consider:

  • A basic plan still allows for spontaneity: without it days can roll along after each other. Avoid regret of missed opportunity for adventure, exploration or personal growth: whether it’s a solo trip: by plane or train to visit grandkids, or a hiking trip.
  • Contact a like-minded friend or women in your community, commit to a date to connect with someone. I lean towards people who also enjoy physical activity; perhaps you’re curious to visit a new museum, make a road trip to a charming B&B you’ve seen advertised, do a bookstore run, visit as many beaches as you can.
  • Intercept fear of ‘I’ve never done that before!‘- register for the art class if it’s a recurring desire. I’m working through this myself: an ocean kayak trip is planned – in the company of competent paddlers –  but upping the ante for me!
  • Choose not to miss the joy in your plans; don’t compare your life with what others are doing, or adjust your plans according to “what others will think about you!”
  • Adjust other areas of your life to accommodate the plan.  If you miss some of the berry season and can’t fill the freezer like usual – oh well!
  • Adopt the mindset that plans often change; sometimes they even work out better!


View of Montreal from summit of Mont Royal – just before the rain!

My re-scripted summer plans are shaping up and already being enjoyed: kayaking and hiking new routes; rendezvousing with my sister in Montreal to celebrate my 65th birthday – along with my daughter and family who live there. So grateful for it all.

Your summer is your unique story. I hope you’re inspired to ‘write’ a great one for YOU!

Love and gratitude,


P.S. As always, if you want to talk about rejuvenating your life with healthy food, getting more active, moving towards purposeful living at any age, I’m available here or at

5 Comments on “Tips for Re-Scripting summer with its changes in stages of life

  1. just finished reading the above,what inspired you to take on the task. looking forward to more


    • Thanks for checking out, and commenting on our story- I still “pinch myself” sometimes in wondering how did this happen?


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