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Do first Solo Campout – 2021 ✓

My wish to do a solo campout had simmered long enough. This was the year I made it happen. Conditions were right: I had a beautiful destination in mind (important detail to me), I could easily explain my whereabouts to local hikers, and ‘warm… Continue Reading “Do first Solo Campout – 2021 ✓”

Sole Sisters Hike Mont Mégantic

Winter, 2021. I was on a Zoom call with my husband’s sister. She and her husband live in another country two time zones away, share life in a communal family household, and were then working from home. Not surprising that we rarely connect; my… Continue Reading “Sole Sisters Hike Mont Mégantic”

Are we having fun yet?

Twelve of us in ten boats were paddling the Atlantic shoreline near Canso, Nova Scotia. We had navigated through rocky inlets, shoals, surf, the wind’s wanton shifting in direction and velocity; we’d schlepped gear to where we could find suitable camping spots. We’d been… Continue Reading “Are we having fun yet?”

Adventure is in the Air

Maybe it’s the arrival of spring on the calendar: crocuses aren’t up yet but I can visualize their yearning, stretching to reach through the soil. It could be visualizing my daughter Renee on her three-day solo hike-ski-backpack in the Laurentians. I’m rejoicing for her… Continue Reading “Adventure is in the Air”

what I’ve been up to: reviving the moxie

I had a vacation in January. I didn’t escape winter to enjoy sun, sand and palm trees. I returned to my Alberta home town for a visiting-blitz with family and friends. It was lovely. I went for cold morning walks at By-the-Lake-Park : reviving… Continue Reading “what I’ve been up to: reviving the moxie”

inspired by Nancy’s determination and courage to ‘do the dream’

A mutual friend (thank you, Janice!) introduced me to Nancy Veinot. We immediately recognized kindred spirits for hiking, activity, fun and adventure and our friendship has grown since that day in 2015. Nancy’s vibrant spirit, energy, and curiosity for LIFE continues to inspire me;… Continue Reading “inspired by Nancy’s determination and courage to ‘do the dream’”

Tabata in the Pool, Re-Shaping my fitness story

If it is 8:30 on a Monday or Thursday morning I’m probably in the pool at a Tabata class. Two years ago I’d have said Are you kidding? Not me! My surprising turnabout compels me to encourage you – whether it’s literally putting your toes in… Continue Reading “Tabata in the Pool, Re-Shaping my fitness story”

If you want to change, write a new story

Would you describe your life as one with purpose, energy and joy? Or do you feel stuck in your story: missing the fulfillment of desires you were designed to experience. We all have some downer days. But maybe your story line isn’t working for you.  … Continue Reading “If you want to change, write a new story”

Thirty Thoughts for Scripting Life with Confidence and Hope

Every day is full of decisions – we don’t even realize we are making some of them, as they are choices we naturally default to. An example: I have a breakfast ‘script’ that works well for me. I always have coffee not long after… Continue Reading “Thirty Thoughts for Scripting Life with Confidence and Hope”

Trail Food for Lightweight Hiking and Heavyweight Nutrition

Tomorrow I am joining other sole mates at the Hike Nova Scotia Summit. There will be presentations on new hikes to discover, the latest gear, hiking stories and tales. FUN!!! AND there will be recipes exchanged for food to eat on the trail: I’m… Continue Reading “Trail Food for Lightweight Hiking and Heavyweight Nutrition”