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A Turnaround Week of Wonder

Merriam-Webster defines wonder as “a cause of astonishment; to feel curiosity or doubt, rapt attention or astonishment, at something awesomely mysterious or new to one’s experience.” My curiosity about wonder uncovered synonyms like: marvel, phenomenon, caution. What’s the big deal about this six-letter word… Continue Reading “A Turnaround Week of Wonder”

Rescripting Life With The Pain

In January I wrote Life Disrupted: My Season of Wintering and never imagined that here in May, my life and physical activities would still be so restricted by pain. A short reprieve in February gave me an injection of hope – thank you! –… Continue Reading “Rescripting Life With The Pain”

Life Disrupted: My Season of Wintering

It was like any other morning. I pulled back the covers, swung my legs out of bed and stepped down, ready to rock and roll. Whoa! Pain in my right hip triggered a nerve to go berserk down my leg, stopping me in my… Continue Reading “Life Disrupted: My Season of Wintering”

Family Moving to Nova Scotia: A Dream I Didn’t Even Think to Wish for

When I get messages from my kids – texts, emails, phone calls – they’re special news bulletins I read or pick up as fast as they come. Text April 11, 2021 “Hey Mom, are you and Dad available tonight? I’d like to chat about… Continue Reading “Family Moving to Nova Scotia: A Dream I Didn’t Even Think to Wish for”

Sole Sisters Hike Mont Mégantic

Winter, 2021. I was on a Zoom call with my husband’s sister. She and her husband live in another country two time zones away, share life in a communal family household, and were then working from home. Not surprising that we rarely connect; my… Continue Reading “Sole Sisters Hike Mont Mégantic”

Rescripting thoughts for “i Can help myself”

At a gathering with some high-activity friends one of the group stated “I can’t help myself!.” Have you said that too? I have. This time, an image of casually handing over control grabbed me full stop. How can I help myself is a good… Continue Reading “Rescripting thoughts for “i Can help myself””