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Grateful for my Body. Today.

A couple weeks ago, clear as an audible voice I heard: “Karen, are you grateful for your body?” Though the question caught me off guard, answers fill pages in my journal where “so help me God”, the truth hits the page. Thoughts and laments… Continue Reading “Grateful for my Body. Today.”

Family Moving to Nova Scotia: A Dream I Didn’t Even Think to Wish for

When I get messages from my kids – texts, emails, phone calls – they’re special news bulletins I read or pick up as fast as they come. Text April 11, 2021 “Hey Mom, are you and Dad available tonight? I’d like to chat about… Continue Reading “Family Moving to Nova Scotia: A Dream I Didn’t Even Think to Wish for”

Knowing Who We Are in our 60’s

The summer and autumn of 2019 were months of visiting and hosting family, hiking, kayaking, camping with my husband and grandkids. My personality type is naturally enthused and ready for the next fun thing so it was a wonderful season for me. But. Months… Continue Reading “Knowing Who We Are in our 60’s”

Resilience in Every Age

In my research for Aging as a Positive Project I discovered author Mary Piper: an encourager for navigating life and flourishing as we age. She referenced a short book: a legend of two old women’s resilience after being abandoned by their tribe during a… Continue Reading “Resilience in Every Age”

Aging as a Positive Project

Last year when I hit my mid-sixties I realized my children are closer to middle-age than I am! Technically I’m either in the second middle-age – yes, there is such a category – or in the first stage of old-age. Yikes… My personality type… Continue Reading “Aging as a Positive Project”