saying good-bye, saying hello

In these last days of 2018 – checking off to-do’s, appointments and commitments – we’re close to finishing up another edition of our daytimer, calendar, online app, whatever method we use to help us stay on course.

photo credits, Renee Tougas

As you are starting to log information into your 2019 calendar have you taken time for a look in the rearview mirror?  Or is that yet to come on a slower day during the holidays?

Having a look back is a good thing.

When you and I stop and reflect, I think you will agree that our world – both in the universal sense and our own smaller sphere – is a perpetual cycle of beginnings and endings. The Beatles’ classic Hello, Goodbye isn’t a perfect fit for this discussion but its lyrics are few and simple and catchy (just click on the link!). And it’s a theme worth unwrapping a little to get us thinking.

Some things in life just happen – like aging and the next calendar year, death, illness, war, and others. We don’t determine when those doors will be opened or closed.

But in many things- we can decide if, when, how, to say hello and good-bye.

these are just a few examples:

  • relationships that have lost connection or meaning. This can happen with change in interests, location, time – or just a sense, ‘it’s over”.
  • habits Saying good-bye to daily doses of processed “junk food” and hello to eating for energy.
  • rituals that no longer capture your spirit or heart. Sunday dinner with all the family may have once been the best but not necessarily forever.
  • telling ourselves the truth. Call out procrastination for what it is – and what it is taking from you – say hello to an accountability partner.
  • business/work partnership . Saying good-bye to a working relationship where compatibility, friendship, and hard-working commitment was empowering can be hard. But sometimes good-bye is the only way to move forward.
  • time to retire, change jobs? Impactful, courageous decisions to make: being aware of both what we see in the rearview mirror and out the front window.

My entrepreneurial spirit has allowed me to say hello and good-bye to business partnerships. Memories and lessons learned through creativity, diligence, frustration and challenge are what I see in that rearview mirror – and also provided a gift I can share with you: a FREE Celebration Recipe e-booklet with healthier, delicious celebration foods (a collection from In Balance colleagues and myself before we disbanded).

Hello and good-bye to something doesn’t necessarily mean a forever thing.

I am excited to be meeting with a childhood friend over the holidays – whom I haven’t seen or communicated with for about fifty years. Gaps and renewals can happen in so many areas.

Picking up beginnings, or closing up endings is participating in life.

Either way – saying good-bye, saying hello – can lead to our growth, adventure, health and healing.

saying good-bye, saying hello

Friends, we were created for vibrant and meaningful lives.  Let’s choose to walk our days with joy and confidence saying good-bye and hello.

I would be happy to hear about your beginnings and endings: and don’t forget to access your FREE Celebration Recipe Booklet.

Love and gratitude,  


P.S. Whatever stage of life you’re in – my desire is you will be rejuvenated with healthy food, physical movement, living with purpose and joy. If you want to connect with me for a free short chat to help make this happen for you I’m available here or at

P.P.S. This is my Affiliate and Privacy Policy.Love and gratitude.  

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