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Mission-cation* A Dominican Republic Project – Part 1

When I was a kid ‘vacation’ wasn’t a two-week holiday slot on my farmer-Dad’s calendar. Travelling was going to visit family, often an hour and a half drive (one-way) for us to see grandparents: a jaunt squished between Dad’s morning and night cow-milking schedule… Continue Reading “Mission-cation* A Dominican Republic Project – Part 1”

what I’ve been up to: reviving the moxie

I had a vacation in January. I didn’t escape winter to enjoy sun, sand and palm trees. I returned to my Alberta home town for a visiting-blitz with family and friends. It was lovely. I went for cold morning walks at By-the-Lake-Park : reviving… Continue Reading “what I’ve been up to: reviving the moxie”

Bending the Bar

In track and field competitions the high jump bar is gradually moved up for testing physical limits and aiming for greater achievements. In the process of living all of us have times – many times! – when we are challenged and feel limited by… Continue Reading “Bending the Bar”

saying good-bye, saying hello

In these last days of 2018 – checking off to-do’s, appointments and commitments – we’re close to finishing up another edition of our daytimer, calendar, online app, whatever method we use to help us stay on course. As you are starting to log information… Continue Reading “saying good-bye, saying hello”

is your daytimer discouraging you or helping you live the life you desire

In December’s holiday season, to-do lists are probably read even more than the ‘top 10 best sellers’! But year-round we use some kind of system for scheduling appointments, making to-do lists, planning events, keeping life on track…  paper book daytimer or journal method (my favourite) online… Continue Reading “is your daytimer discouraging you or helping you live the life you desire”

If you want to change, write a new story

Would you describe your life as one with purpose, energy and joy? Or do you feel stuck in your story: missing the fulfillment of desires you were designed to experience. We all have some downer days. But maybe your story line isn’t working for you.  … Continue Reading “If you want to change, write a new story”

Thoughts about Aging: Re-scripting Life Might Include Dementia

This summer I had my 65th birthday. In my heart and mind I tell myself I’m somewhere around 50 years old; blessed with health; physical fitness; freedom in time and resources as compared to the earlier years of raising children and being employed; in… Continue Reading “Thoughts about Aging: Re-scripting Life Might Include Dementia”

Connection and Friendship: Part two What are you hungry for

Recently my husband and I enjoyed supper with friends at their charming reno-in-progress, 200-year-old summer-house. The planked salmon served with veggies-extraordinaire – finished off with fresh fruit and whipped cream for dessert – was ‘deliciously’ satisfying! However, the meaningful and heart-rich conversation we shared… Continue Reading “Connection and Friendship: Part two What are you hungry for”

Thirty Thoughts for Scripting Life with Confidence and Hope

Every day is full of decisions – we don’t even realize we are making some of them, as they are choices we naturally default to. An example: I have a breakfast ‘script’ that works well for me. I always have coffee not long after… Continue Reading “Thirty Thoughts for Scripting Life with Confidence and Hope”

What are you hungry for? Part One

I’m a recipe reader and collector, foodie aficionado, nutrition guru and coach for emotional eaters  so I spend a LOT of time thinking, sourcing and writing about food, nutrients, presentation, flavour, allergies and sensitivities, food trends, etc. However, in this post, triggered by a podcast interview… Continue Reading “What are you hungry for? Part One”