Mindfully navigating social media


I am a big fan of Facebook, Blogs, YouTube, Instagram, etc. – these tools have helped shape the landscapes of my personal and work lives into “substance and space”  I’m happy and comfortable with. Connecting with long-distance family and friends (without a two-to-five hour flight!); working with women anywhere in the world  reaching out to rescript their life; inspiration for discovery and growth for a vibrant inspired life. I love it all!

Yet, there are challenges in stearing our way through the attraction (addiction) and management of the whole digital arena. If you’re feeling caught ‘in the web’, I invite you to try the following tips to help shift from automatic reactive  responses, to practicing mindful actions . Let’s give it a go!

Healthy navigation tips for social media.   Stop. Look. Listen.  


  • Do you tell yourself “I can’t stop myself from clicking in and travelling down FB trails – some that no longer even  fit my interests or stage in life!”, or feel disgusted after “wasting hours” watching another webinar or YouTube just because someone shared it with you? If you’re ready to acknowledge face-on, this is not what I want visualize yourself carrying to the curb any guilt and shame about it. We all struggle…and we move ahead.
  • Changing/making/breaking habits IS work: Gretchen Rubin, author and expert on habits (referral link) has great recommendations based on your personality. Going cold turkey or making small steps – if your desire is to gain control in this area, my suggestions are write down three reasons why you want to better manage social media, followed by three things what you will do instead during the time you’ve given back to yourself. Why not include something fun; something that feeds your well?!
  • Whether you follow a conscious pattern, or an erratic hopping and jumping from one site to another – regularly pause. Pay attention to how you’re physically feeling – holding your breath, getting anxious, feeling a need to justify your actions?  Wait a few seconds before deciding whether or not to click the next link.


  • It’s impossible not to like some of those LOL quips (laughter is better than medicine) and enjoy the photos of the people you love celebrating birthdays a province away! But some of the other stuff warrants a closer look, i.e. “is this post presenting encouragement to believe in myself and the path I’ve chosen to reach my goals”, “does following this site or message align with my values”, “do I really want to opt in with a comment”?
  • Be aware of the clock. Instagram’s photos might flood you with creativity and joy – that’s awesome! Some of that happiness might dissipate, however, if a deadline isn’t met, or the day is stressed-out later with playing catch-up. Easy tip: set the timer!


  • Are you energized – or drained – by the latest news clip added to your internal real estate (yikes!)? Will precious emotional, mental energy be wasted wondering how your comments are received after clicking SEND? Oh, this one can be tricky, I regularly need this listen up reminder!
  • We can’t hide from all the harsh realities of life and the pain of our world. But maintaining awareness of how much content, and especially what kind, can protect your heart, mind and spirit.
  • Tune in to messages flashing “social media overload”! Life will go on if you unplug; true friends will remain your friends.
  • We get to choose the essence and energy of our messages; we can listen to, follow our hearts and bless social media with hope, healing and love. Let’s do it!

I have loved connecting with you here….and I do welcome your comments how you navigate, manage social media: do you often un-plug, is it a love-hate relationship?

See you again soon, probably through social media (smile)! And remember, I’m available at ketoews@gmail.com or here.

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(Affiliate Disclosure: I am a participate in affiliate marketing, including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Whenever you buy something on Amazon from a link you click on my blog, I get a (very) small percentage of that sale.)

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