Thirty Thoughts for Scripting Life with Confidence and Hope


Every day is full of decisions – we don’t even realize we are making some of them, as they are choices we naturally default to. An example: I have a breakfast ‘script’ that works well for me. I always have coffee not long after I wake up (not in bed, thank you very much!) so there’s no decision on that, and five days out of seven the rest of my breakfast will be a combo of oats, nuts and seeds (my favourite is home-made granola), with fruit and yogurt.

You may allow for more of a surprise factor in your morning food routine, but sometime throughout the day there is probably some track you automatically follow, i.e for exercise, shopping destination, connecting with someone, etc.

Like me and my breakfast, the daily track you’re on may be working well for you. But what about the other points in life where you aren’t happy anymore following the script: 

  •  that you inherited by virtue of where and when you were born?
  • that is based on old choices and ingrained habits and patterns?

The script isn’t bad, we all need one to get started. But often, as part of our growth, we need to write a new script for our lives.

This is what my work and vision for Rescripting Life Beyond an Empty Nest is all about.

There are so many new script possibilities; and probabilities like these that may have prompted you to consider a re-write:

  • navigating a career change
  • living in a new location
  • becoming a Grandmother (oh such a wonderful gift!)
  • figuring out and living with purpose as you age
  • giving yourself permission for adventures you’ve reserved for others (younger or older than you!)
  • shifting expectations you’ve placed on others, yourself or granted others for you

It’s not easy to change. But I’ve seen it happen and believe in the possibility for women to re-script what isn’t working for them: now, in whatever stage and space of life:

  • you are stronger than you think
  • you don’t need to be afraid of your strengths
  • becoming the woman you were designed to be is a valuable gift to yourself and to your world around you – and an expression of gratitude for LIFE

My son Brad, one of the most meaningful lines in the script in my life, is a podcaster. When I read his recent episode, Whose Line is it Anyway? I was so excited to hear how he addresses this very thing – how to move away from following the script to improvising our way to a more vibrant life.

Re-scripting isn’t tearing up the old story; rather it’s an improvisation, some rewriting of those parts that don’t fit us anymore. 

Improvising in music, improvising in life, is not the absence of a script, the absence of an established order of ideas, thoughts, or musical notes. Rather it’s an individualization of the script. We make the choice to repeat, play, and act what we believe is worth keeping, introducing new notes, new meaning, and new experience. Brad: Whose Line is it anyway?

I am offering FREE on my Vibrant Inspired Living FB group Thirty Thoughts for Scripting Life with Confidence and Hope. In the month of August I will be posting thirty thoughts to help you script your life with confidence and hope, with the desire you will improvise your way to a more vibrant life. (If you aren’t already a member of the Vibrant Inspired Living FB group, just send me a request – no pressure to stay longer than you wish.)

For extra inspiration I encourage you to listen to Brad’s podcast (can download from website or find it on B-RAD with Brad Toews in any podcast directory or app). This podcast is a quick 20 minutes – while you’re driving or cooking – with useful ideas and interesting musical metaphors to inspire the mindset and actions necessary to make those changes in your life.

30thoughtsRescripting life

Thanks for stopping by – and I do look forward to seeing you this month on the Thirty Thoughts for Scripting Life with Confidence and Hope on Vibrant Inspired Living!

With love and gratitude,


P.S. As always, if you want to talk about rejuvenating your life with healthy food, getting more active, moving towards purposeful living at any age, I’m available here or send me an email at

Photo credits: Cheryl – with kudos to her novice rock-climbing sister at the top!

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