If you want to change, write a new story

Would you describe your life as one with purpose, energy and joy? Or do you feel stuck in your story: missing the fulfillment of desires you were designed to experience.


We all have some downer days. But maybe your story line isn’t working for you.  

  • was it written by someone else, i.e. your parents, an employer, a teacher
  • crafted by life’s circumstances, i.e. where you were born, social conditions
  • scripted from beliefs based on a mindset where things can’t change
  • a story you wrote, that was working – but the script needs revising

The quotes for “Change your life, change your story” are myriad. This one’s interesting.

If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave. 

Mo Willems, children’s author, Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs

I’m not suggesting that everything is messed up with your story or that one should simply run and escape from life.  But I encourage making changes if that will make your life more vibrant, authentic, and meaningful in the stage of life you’re living now.

Let’s look at some areas where one can get stuck and some thoughts for change:

  • trying to fulfil expectations of others:
    • already feeling stressed about the upcoming Holiday season? It’s your call: do you need to provide decorating, food, gifts to meet everyone else’s wishes?
    • have you lost joy in your position as youth leader or secretary of the women’s group? Make choices based on your right reason and right motive* 
  • comparison with others, or yourself – how you used to be
    • moving and staying fit is great! If it’s time to switch from running a half marathon to cycling, yoga or Tabata at the pool – that’s okay.  Your personal challenge to walk 10K every day for a month may inspire or intimidate others  – regardless, it’s your story.
    • a friend’s gardens may be flourishing and beautiful: if that kind of work doesn’t bring you joy anymore, just appreciating their’s can be enough.
    • you choose how to spend your money. i.e. new hiking boots or sofa, or cruise tickets or membership for a lecture series – live life fully in your own skin 


  • spiritual and emotional health
    • there are several paths to draw near to God; in Sacred Pathways (referral link), author Gary Thomas shares ways to free you in your path of worship. Being open, listening in your spirit can be inspiration for your new story.
    • Don’t hide –  staying connected  matters.
  • neglected nutrition and health
    • if alcohol has become more of a daily necessity than a glass of wine with dinner do the hard stuff – get support to help you.
    • a friend may have lost – and gained – weight several times but that was their story.  Supporting health is your privilege and responsibility – don’t go it alone!
  • being aware of personality type
    • we’re all wired differently, discover what makes you tick, where your strengths and weaknesses lie. It can help you to work with who are as a person and how you live with others in your world.  There are many personality tools: I like and use the Enneagram. Explore it a bit with Ian Morgan Cron’s  Typology podcast and the book he authored with Suzanne Stabile The Road Back to You (referral link).
    • Eduardo Garcia*, burn survivor and positive-living hero says it so well, “stay in your own lane of truth“. Be YOU .

How many stories do you know of that are ‘pretty good’, but could be happier and healthier with some changes. How about yours – are you ready to start writing?


Love and gratitude for being here. If you want,  please do share your new story!


P.S. Whatever stage of life you’re in – my desire is that you will be rejuvenated with healthy food, physical movement, living with purpose and joy. If you want to connect with me for a free short chat to help make this happen for you I’m available here or at ketoews@gmail.com.

P.P.S. This is my Affiliate and Privacy Policy.

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