what I’ve been up to: reviving the moxie

I had a vacation in January.

I didn’t escape winter to enjoy sun, sand and palm trees. I returned to my Alberta home town for a visiting-blitz with family and friends. It was lovely.

I went for cold morning walks at By-the-Lake-Park : reviving wonderful memories where I’ve logged a zillion running steps in year’s past.

I reflected on changes since these trails were a daily running route. Moving 12 years ago from this forever-home community to Nova Scotia. Heeding reality that my knees would be healthier and happier by switching from running to hiking. It’s difficult saying good-bye… I love and continue to discover my new province. And hiking-backpacking-camping is invigorating; wide open for travel and adventure!

The Alberta vacation was delicious: satisfying a hunger for reconnecting with siblings and families, elderly aunts, myriad friends. Eating with those I love, at tables in spaces archived with memories. Now with several more.

My plane trip back to Nova Scotia was eventful.

After tossing about in a wind and rain storm; a redirected flight ended in a Montreal layover where I sprawled for a few hours on an airport couch. January’s wrap-up might have been a sign.

February: time now to write, be creative, prepare work projects!

But my moxie for it all had checked out. I’d lost the spunk, grit, eagerness.

I dug my way through some writing deadlines.

And then I faced February’s funk the best ways I know fit for me. I hope some of these ideas and links might fit for you also.

I Read (or listened to) books

Audio books are perfect while driving-travelling-doing kitchen work and I love having digital books downloaded for overnight treks in the back country. After using Scribd‘s 30-day free trial I signed up for their monthly unlimited subscription plan. It’s great. No due dates. The books are mine. This might be a good fit for you and your family. (I’m not a Scribd affiliate.)

Memoirs are my #1 genre, followed by personal growth. Sorry, no fiction here:

I DO love the feel of a paper book: here are two that placed well into my current reading thread related to refugees, humanitarian aid, justice:

  • David Starr, From Bombs to Books “remarkable stories of refugee children and their families at two exceptional British Columbia schools.” Also cool – and Canadian.

I Exercised: because I know I must, not because I should

  • Aqua Tabata class: my swimming pool-love affair story is here. I’ve had to temporarily switch from one pool to another since the furnace packed it in at one location. Until repairs and classes resume, I’m happily doing my own water-weights routine. Mandatory for survival.
  • Being in nature is non-negotiable: for me it’s a sacred pathway (referral link). February’s cold, wind, snow and ice were nasty. My layering up, starting with wool long johns, to spend time in the woods has been redemptive and revitalizing.

I Listened to a Podcast Series

  • Jen’s line-up of voices with such broad spheres can be a bit intimidating – but I listened for the motivating bits I can use for my world, i.e. sitting at this keyboard sharing a trying to revive my moxie story!
  • If you’re wanting more fire in the belly, I’d check out this series.

I Cleaned out some corners

  • I tackled my least favourite house-cleaning job – washing out disgusting, dusty, cob-webbed corners. It triggered momentum for the wooden stairs, floors, even more. Visual accomplishments work wonders.
  • My large desk facilitates spreading out papers – a bit of everything. Sorting through envelopes in a basket buried in a corner, I discovered the reminder note of a silent auction certificate (with expiry date) that I purchased in 2018. I booked accommodation at a yurt: charming retreat for hubbie and me.
  • A renewal notice is paper-clipped to a corner of my daytimer: waiting for yes or no if I’m ready to renew my annual business license. Affirmative: paid in full.

Thank you for reading what I’ve been up to. What really happened in February for my typical enthusiasm to get washed-up?

Maybe cold weather, fewer hours in sunshine, shifts in vision and purpose, the blues after so much wonderful family time at Christmas and the weeks following?

I don’t have the answer. Just that life and bodies are complex. It’s now March and I’m eager to move forward.

If I can be of any help for you to discover, or recover, your moxie please contact me here or at ketoews@gmail.com.

As always, may you live rejuvenated by healthy food, activity, purpose and joy.

Love and gratitude,  


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