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Thirty Thoughts for Scripting Life with Confidence and Hope

Every day is full of decisions – we don’t even realize we are making some of them, as they are choices we naturally default to. An example: I have a breakfast ‘script’ that works well for me. I always have coffee not long after… Continue Reading “Thirty Thoughts for Scripting Life with Confidence and Hope”

What are you hungry for? Part One

I’m a recipe reader and collector, foodie aficionado, nutrition guru and coach for emotional eaters  so I spend a LOT of time thinking, sourcing and writing about food, nutrients, presentation, flavour, allergies and sensitivities, food trends, etc. However, in this post, triggered by a podcast interview… Continue Reading “What are you hungry for? Part One”


The kindness theme has been following me around for a few days. Finally, after a cheery little girl (about 4 or 5 years old) heaved open a heavy glass door for me to enter a store, I knew I needed to write about this gift of… Continue Reading “Kindness”

Mindset – a Powerful Agent: reviewed through reading Hope Heals and Etched in Sand

Mindset: the established set of attitudes held by someone; a mental inclination, frame of mind; a way of thinking….. The book I’m reading has been waiting on a shelf a long time! I finally got into Mindset – The New Psychology of Success (author Carol Dweck -referral… Continue Reading “Mindset – a Powerful Agent: reviewed through reading Hope Heals and Etched in Sand”

Exercise and Activity – Are you Stopped in Your Tracks ?

The thought of putting grubby hikers on for a day of trekking might entice you or maybe it triggers waves of resistance. It’s absolutely okay whichever way you feel. We’re individually hardwired for activity and exercise. But I’m positive about this: we all ‘need to move’ for vibrant health, benefitting the… Continue Reading “Exercise and Activity – Are you Stopped in Your Tracks ?”

High-five to say YES!! – for Vibrant Living

Plenty of press time is given for “learn to say NO!” Oh yes, that is a valuable tool for managing expectations and pressure; I try to practice it and coach clients to do likewise. But defaulting to an automatic NO response to everything can… Continue Reading “High-five to say YES!! – for Vibrant Living”

Mindfully navigating social media

I am a big fan of Facebook, Blogs, YouTube, Instagram, etc. – these tools have helped shape the landscapes of my personal and work lives into “substance and space”  I’m happy and comfortable with. Connecting with long-distance family and friends (without a two-to-five hour flight!);… Continue Reading “Mindfully navigating social media”