Finding Confidence and freedom in your food story


Food, glorious food. The poor workhouse lads in the movie Oliver were obsessed and fantasizing about their lack of food. I’m thankful to access more than I need in quantity and quality.  Yet managing food – essential for life – in a healthy way to energize the body, soul and mind is problematic for many of us.

Our food narratives are all different: hopefully your story isn’t a similar picture to Oliver; here is a short version of mine.

My food story is rooted on a farm –  with basic home-grown veggies, animal protein, and extras from the Co-op store. Besides being a great cook, Mom baked yummy desserts and treats – a love language for my Dad which was shared with us all. My food menu got more adventuresome for my own family; greater variety of veggies and ethnic recipes, but I continued the habit of baking and eating sweets. Sugar was my addiction until my late 40’s: I’m sure it contributed to my decades of migraine headaches. It is no longer ‘my best-worst friend’ – hurrah for freedom for the last 10 years!

After my children married, followed by the arrival of (wonderful) grandchildren, I had my first close-up introduction to allergies, food sensitivities, low-spectrum autism (story with a good ending!).The ‘light bulb’ turned on: one food guide does not fit everyone!

In my 50’s I received a diploma in holistic nutrition ; and along with training in cognitive, conscious coaching I learned tools to help myself as the seasons of my life changed, and to serve others who are stuck in a food story that’s not working!


In a diet-crazy world of “stop this, avoid that, follow this diet” I’ve connected with women of all ages, weight, or stages of life that are stuck with an attitude of food restrictions.

To be sure, I  guide clients and myself! using ‘rules’, i.e. choosing a diet of real food for health goals is a stronger support than processed food. But our goals and desires are individual – and within that, it is possible to expect to discover confidence in our relationship with food, where we are at now. Three things to identify:

  • what’s important to you now, and how will dietary choices matter within that
  • be aware of an emotional relationship  with food i.e. “I try to be good – then I crater, have a big sugar-fix and feel like a schmuck!” Eating sugar does NOT make you bad.
  • acknowledging, “I’m tired of being this size and feeling this way” and believing you can change!”

If we desire a healthy, vibrant and purposeful life there are ways we can take action! As my life rhythms have changed, this is part of the current script of my food story:

  • I aim to eat real food, mostly vegetables and fruit, healthy protein (about half animal and half vegetable): primary focus on anti-inflammatory foods.
  • I’d be happy with granola (oats), yogurt and fruit every morning: I know-boring!
  • I need my morning coffee. I enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner.
  • Dark chocolate anything is a favourite and many days eat more nuts than I need
  • I’ve made good friends with my dehydrator, mostly to lighten my food load for backpack camping – which is crucial for maintaining this important love of my life!


Dehydrated strawberries, apples: sweet treat at whole new level! – Renee Tougas photo

To ‘make peace, find confidence‘ with anything is a challenge. Food is a big deal: not an option for living –  that’s why my vision to support women and their food story is so important to me.

Is your present food story working for you or is it time to re-script? You can reach me here or here – I’d love to connect and answer your questions.

love and gratitude,


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