High-five to say YES!! – for Vibrant Living


Plenty of press time is given for “learn to say NO!” Oh yes, that is a valuable tool for managing expectations and pressure; I try to practice it and coach clients to do likewise. But defaulting to an automatic NO response to everything can hold us back from discovering freedom, creativity, adventure – even some chaos can be exciting in its own way!

Let’s look at 5 ways to inspire and revive life by saying YES.

#1. Declare a courageous YES! to your dream. What is it – to play the drums, sketch a self-portrait, go backpack hiking, start a new business, take a solo road trip, drive a motorbike, speak at your photography club……?  When I was at the peak of my running game I wanted to do something “meaningful” using that passion. I was able to convince my runner-husband that we should do a fund-raiser and it had to be something “out there” to encourage people to donate! The end result was us running in an ultra-marathon in South Africa to raise funds for a mission/ friends in Mozambique. We didn’t have a definite plan or experience before we started (other than having logged many miles running!) but jumping in with a YES brought confidence, understanding and ‘figuring it out’ – and a whack of family and friends donated to help build a small clinic!  Say yes; take ownership of your dream!

#2. If you sense something missing in your life – take action! Whether it’s a literal change in location or a figurative move – say YES to push-through to realize your vision, your goals.  A friend (a dear sister-in-law) wanting to support her physical and spiritual health – in spite of a full life-and-work schedule – said yes to organizing a walk-and-talk group. This has opened a network of energized and active women receiving and sharing support: by connecting with and serving other busy women in her church-community. 

#3. Maybe you’ve been disappointed with stalled work projects, challenges in a relationship, frustrated by emotional eating habits , or a myriad of other obstacles. You feel broken. Say YES to your growth, healing and recovery. Pause, evaluate and connect: through nature walks, prayer, a spiritual director, inspirational reading, a rest. These life and spirit-giving resources can boost joy, hope and resilience. From my experience, a period of connecting with a counselor or coach can help you dig deeper on focus and clarity; a life-changer for personal, relational, or work reasons.


#4. Say YES to consistent work, allowing time : this clears the path for progress. Be okay with purposeful ‘long and steady’ movement towards a particular direction – your goal(s).  Fast-track methods don’t work to train for a marathon, keep 25 pounds off longterm, or rescript life after an empty nest!  Change is not going to happen overnight, let the pressure go; enjoy the beauty of the trip.

#5. Say YES to finding “the dance for your life“. Messages sent to the brain by negative, discouraging thoughts and attitudes influence choices and actions that can make you feel stuck, unhealthy and without purpose.  Neuro-scientific research supports that by changing our thoughts, we can “rewire our brain in the direction we were designed to go.” Author Dr. Caroline Leaf in Switch on Your Brain translates modern brain science into language we all can understand.  Based from a biblical perspective, her process for getting control over thoughts could “help your dance move to its authentic rhythm”!


Are you ready to say YES to your Vibrant Life?

It could be one of the “high-five” ways I’ve suggested, or something else.

I’d love to hear how it is going for you; remember if you want to talk directly, I’m available at ketoews@gmail.com or here.

love and gratitude,


(Affiliate Disclosure: I am a participate in affiliate marketing, including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Whenever you buy something on Amazon from a link you click on my blog, I get a (very) small percentage of that sale.)

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