What are you hungry for? Part One


I’m a recipe reader and collector, foodie aficionado, nutrition guru and coach for emotional eaters  so I spend a LOT of time thinking, sourcing and writing about food, nutrients, presentation, flavour, allergies and sensitivities, food trends, etc.

However, in this post, triggered by a podcast interview with Jen Hatmaker and Shauna Nieguist , I’m removing all my ‘foodie’ hats and want to take a close-up look at what are you, the people at your table and mine, hungry for?

Honestly, this subject is a bit of a minefield for me:

  • because I highly value nutrition and healthy whole real food as the best way to honour our body and health – a gift to be appreciated and cared for.
  • I also believe that sharing hospitality and love and food around our table expresses kindness and serves a basic need for connection and acceptance.
  • I am so influenced by my background experience and passion about food and hospitality, that I can make the whole scene quite complicated and intense.

What’s the answer to the question? We all crave nourishment physically and for our soul. If there’s a tug in our heart to serve these up for others (for us too!), the challenge is finding what way fits with who we are, in the stage or place we are in right now.


Finding a way to make it work.

  • move towards simple. Give yourself a break, make it more comfortable for everyone. A ready-bagged salad and BBQ chicken from the supermarket might not be organic but it is okay! Be real. Start with small steps if your re-scripting life includes adjusting expectations and definitions of hospitality versus entertaining.
  • Do you have a signature dish? I love how Jen and Shauna  (who inspired this topic- referral link) said,” just make a thing your thing and make the same delicious thing a hundred times in a row.. you just don’t have to fix it if it’s not broken.” It might be spaghetti and meatballs, pasta or taco salad, or pizza – serve it stuffed full of love! Jen and Shauna have their thing: ChickenMangoCurry_SalmonMustardPecans
  • Paper plates and plastic cutlery can make the difference of inviting that family with young children or not. (I am working on a mindset for all kinds of scenarios.) Set a table with conversation to celebrate the joy of friendship, laughter, and inclusion.
  • Plan and host (share) your meal at an appropriate location other than your home. Simple food can be the catalyst to connect with new immigrants, seniors, singles. (Just a note: so often the receiving is much greater than the effort of the giving!)


Meeting the hunger need may not be easy for us. The food options and choices may or may not fit with our nutrition philosophy; I’m not advocating we toss out what we know to support our long-term wellness.

I am just suggesting we thoughtfully consider the question what and how we can help provide what people are hungry for. (How to help nurture those less obvious spiritual and emotional hungers are saved for Part Two in another post.)

Thanks for stopping by – and I’d love to know what is your food thing? Send along the recipe and I’ll add it to a list with Jen and Shauna’s.

With love and gratitude,


P.S. As always, if you want to talk about rejuvenating your life with healthy food, getting more active, moving towards purposeful living at any age, I’m available here or at ketoews@gmail.com.

4 Comments on “What are you hungry for? Part One

  1. Great post mom,

    Hope to comment tomorrow with some of my own thoughts on feeding people even though I don’t like the feeding part so much (unlike yourself).


    Renee Tougas renee.tougas.net

    spiritual thinker, wholehearted memoirist, and lifestyle blogger



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