If you’re feeling stuck by any of the following five roadblocks I encourage you to try the tips to reroute and overcome them.


Afraid to get started

  • if I don’t follow through I’ll feel embarrassed, ‘like a loser’. Fear always shows up in unknowns – consider “what if I DO follow through?”
  • other people might make fun of me or put me down. Negativity might be based on guilt for their lack of activity!
  • I might hurt myself. Injuries do happen in life – and sometimes while exercising.
  • I might get hooked on exercise, be really good at it, it will take up my time. Trust me, you’ll figure it out – exercise is energizing!

The Key: You choose: either fear stops you or you have faith in your heart’s desires.

Motivation quickly evaporates

  • affirmations, quotes, scriptures posted on mirrors, etc. are great ideas for motivation BUT you can’t rely solely on these
  • know WHY you want to exercise, be active; WRITE it down, i.e. play with grandkids, go hiking with your spouse or a friend, be able to live longer in your own home, etc.
  • just do the activity regardless of feeling motivated. If it’s going for a walk, tell yourself you can turn around after 15 minutes. If that’s as far as you go, you’ll have had a 30-minute walk – well done!!

The Key: Get the cycle rolling with this sequence:  action=benefits=motivation.

How are you thinking about exercise and activity

  • I would love to “run, hike, kayak, rock climb, swim: but I could never do it
  • I don’t have what it takes – I have zippo will power
  • I am too out of shape to do physical activity.

If these have been 1. your thoughts, 2. words written in a page, 3. words spoken aloud: that’s three ways these thoughts have been reinforced through your physical senses.

Multiplied by however many zillion times they have been repeated, these negative thoughts become a very set belief pattern that influences behaviour.

The Key: Don’t beat yourself up – we all have challenges with thoughts and beliefs. It takes work, time to work through these, but we can change the way we think,and act.


I run out of time, I’m too busy

  • rate from 1-10, on the basis of being essential, the activities of your daily life
  • evaluate both the short and long term life benefits of each of those activities
  • if physical activity-exercise does not yet have a spot on the daily list, get a second and third opinion from your doctor and a health coach (smile)… but seriously!

The Key: scheduling exercise on the agenda puts it at par with the dentist appointment, work hours or the next social event.

Trying to do it alone (DIA)

  • nobody is perfect or has all their stuff together – everyone has imperfections or challenges! Seek coaching help that supports your goals and who you are.
  • we can get bogged when introducing new things, i.e. exercise. Trust the research: we get better results for making changes when we’re in community with others.

The Key: find a safe place to support your desire to get active.

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Take the plunge, get back on track – whatever your exercise lingo, just get moving!

love and gratitude,